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Trade union / Works council initiative

TiL – Transfer of Innovative HR Solutions in the food industry

The project TiL gives management representatives and works councils in the food industry the opportunity to develop innovative solutions to actively manage the impact of demographic change and to create working conditions matching the requirements of an ageing workforce. The project is supported by consultants and experts, the trade union NGG is active project partner.

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Company pension scheme at Unilever in Germany

The Additional Company Pension Scheme of Unilever (UZR) was initiated by the Unilever work council (Konzernbetriebsrat – group works council) as a part of a demography project. In a joint social partner approach, Unilever management and works council agreed to create the UZR as a measure to ensure flexible transitions from working to pension life. An agreement was signed by management and works council. The UZR is an additional measure to existing statutory and collective agreement pension schemes.

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