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TiL – Transfer of Innovative HR Solutions in the food industry

The project TiL gives management representatives and works councils in the food industry the opportunity to develop innovative solutions to actively manage the impact of demographic change and to create working conditions matching the requirements of an ageing workforce. The project is supported by consultants and experts, the trade union NGG is active project partner.

Following topics are central for the project TIL:

  • Working time arrangements and shift models for an ageing workforce
  • Life-cycle oriented working time arrangements
  • Flexible and anticipative retirement schemes
  • Analysis of physical and mental stress at work
  • Creation of jobs and working conditions matching the requirements of an ageing workforce
  • Knowledge transfer and knowledge management
  • Workplace health promotion and related preventive measures
  • Secure the future demand for skilled personnel

Companies involved are Bitburger Braugruppe, Danone, Emsland Group, Ferrero, Griesson de Beukelar, Hochwald Foods, Intersnack, Oleon, Unilever, Brandt Zwieback and IGLO.


  • To develop innovative and exemplary solutions for healthy working conditions and jobs.
  • To share information within the sector on practical concepts

Outcome and achievements

First concepts have been developed and are currently implemented in 14 companies, e.g. working time arrangements (shifts) for an older workforce, hazard analysis and development of preventive measures. There is regular and active exchange in so-called “knowledge transfer workshops” between companies involved and further works councils of the sector.


Funding by the German Ministry of Employment: 1 million €