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Lifelong learning

Pass’IFRIA – a tailor-made approach to training in the food industry in France

The Pass’IFRIA is a course of integration and training of six months for new workers in the food industry. It is a short training, centred on practical skills. It is completely accomplished within the company through dual training, with theoretical lessons and training at the workplace.

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Project “SPILL” – Lifelong learning in Germany

Joint social partners initiative: “ Sozialpartnerinitiative Lebenslanges Lernen” (SPILL)
Through technological progress and innovations, adaptation processes take place everywhere and result in qualification needs for employees in general and an ageing workforce in particular.

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Nestlé Reverse mentoring programme – Younger employees training older employees in Italy

The Nestlé Reverse mentoring programme gives younger employees the opportunity to share their latest knowledge on how to use social media with more senior colleagues. Since the launch of this intergenerational knowledge transfer programme, 80 pairs of Nestlé Senior Executives and junior team members have worked together in Italy and at the Nestlé International headquarters.

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Training and upskilling programme at Arla Foods in Denmark

Arla Foods (Dairy company, number of employees: 19,600) has started an extensive skills development and upskilling programme in 2009. The initiative goes back to the social partners in the Danish dairy industry, who has agreed to upgrade the skills all employees in the dairy industry within the next years.

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Exchange of good practices and learning network in Belgium

The sectorial training institute IFP (Institut de Formation Professionnelle), the food industry training institute (managed jointly by the sectorial social partners), has set up a learning network of social actors and companies involved in the training of workers.

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