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Teknikcollege in Sweden: Network of competence centers for quality standards in training

Teknikcollege is a network of competence centers setting quality standards for technical education in Sweden. Within the network of Teknikcollege companies cooperate with municipalities and providers of education (colleges, technical universities, secondary schools) to create and supervise technology-oriented courses at different levels, matching the skills needs of the industry.

Courses at Teknikcollege are quality-assured on the basis of ten criteria. A region may only carry the label “certified by Teknikcollege” if the 10 quality requirements are fulfilled.

Companies of a region play a key role in shaping the structure of the courses as well as designing their actual content. Together with municipalities, social partners and educational providers, they are active members in the regional steering groups initiated by the system of Teknikcollege.


The aim is to increase the attraction and quality of technology-oriented courses for the needs of industry. The goal is for the companies´ future employees to possess the skills that are required on a global market.

Outcome and achievements

  • 30 active Teknikcollege regions
  • About 138 approved schools / education centres in the regions
  • About 2000 companies collaborates within Teknikcollege


Initially 3 million SEK and yearly 2.8 million SEK.