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Tasting Professions in the food industry in Finland

Project “Tasting Profession” in food industry. Information campaign to the youth about different kinds of professions and work in food industry.
Websites, videos, information of education have been published. Social partners occasionally visit schools and upper-schools with food specialists who explain their job tasks and working conditions.


  • First phase: 2013/ 2015 for food and drink industry.
  • Second phase: 2015 / 2016 for agriculture, food and drink industries.


The objective is to support the entry of youngsters seeking vocational education and work in food industry.

Some food sub sectors may me further promoted according to the skills and workforce needs during the project (meat sector v. bakery).  Individual companies are never quoted in the project because its objective is to benefit to all companies in the sector.

Outcome and achievements

  • More first priority seekers to vocational education on all levels of food sector education.
  • More information and material for teachers. Teachers can better support pupils and students to find a job. Before submitting a formal application, they can test their abilities through short tests and questionnaires (logic, math).


  • Funding of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MMM)
  • Funding and resources provided by five trade unions and one employers union.
  • Total costs about 126.000€ in two years including 75% from MMM.


Partners are Finnish Food Workers’ Union SEL, Trade Union Pro, Meijerialan Ammattilaiset MVL (Dairy specialists), Finnish Association of Academic Agronomists, Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners (MTK), Finfood – Finnish Food Information and Finnish Food and Drink Industries’ Federation, ETL (employers Union).