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Taste Success: A Future in Food in the UK

Food and Drink Federation Careers Campaign: Taste Success A Future in Food
‘Taste Success – A Future in Food’ is an industry-led award winning campaign to attract new talent to UK food and drink manufacturing. The campaign engages with young people via various channels to bust the myths about food and drink manufacturing and raise awareness of the good career prospects in the sector has to offer. The campaign also engages with a number of stakeholder groups including teachers, parents and careers advisors to make them aware of the opportunities in our sector.

The food and drink manufacturing industry employs more than 400,000 workers. However, current figures show that the industry suffers from a number of skills gaps, namely in science, technology and engineering related roles. By 2020 there will be a need for 170,300 new recruits to meet growing demand.



Taste Success – A Future in Food aspires to engage with young people and show them that food and drink manufacturing can offer a rewarding career with lots of exciting opportunities, as well as play a pivotal role in ensuring that there is a skilled and suitably qualified workforce in the ever competitive and highly developed UK food sector.

  • Engaging the 13-19 years old age group in the potential of the industry as a career of first choice and hanging the image of the food and drink manufacturing sector from being outdated to a sector that is identified as being at the cutting edge of science, technology and engineering
  • Seizing the opportunity to raise the profile of the food and drink manufacturing industry through public relations campaigns, event participation, speaking engagements and digital engagement and working in collaboration with key stakeholders such as Improve (Food & Drink Skills councils UK) and IFST (Institute for Food Science and Technology).


Outcome and achievements

  • Digital Campaign – Facebook page, Munchbot app, award winning YouTube videos, Twitter
  • Attendance at Big Bang Fair and other careers events
  • Promotional materials and case studies
  • Developing a network of industry mentors
  • Proactive campaigning for food engineering course