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Nestlé Youth Employment Initiative

• Given the high youth unemployment in Europe, Nestlé is actively engaged in bringing in young people into work across borders.
• In Germany, young people will benefit from over 2,400 offers for direct entry or for vocational qualifications at more than 20 locations.
• Programmes for trainees or apprentices are also offered in several other European countries like Spain or Portugal.


Within three years, Nestlé wants to support at least 20,000 young workers to find a job.


  • By 2016, 1,100 young people will be directly employed (370 per year).
  • By 2016,1,320 apprenticeships, traineeships and internships will be provided (440 per year).
  • As part of the German-Iberian solidarity programme, by 2016 15 jobs will awarded to Spaniards and Portuguese (each 5/year).

The aim is to increase the professional qualifications and career opportunities, both in Germany as well as in the domestic market.