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Implementing the Occupational Safety and Health Directive in the Romanian food industry

General objective: Implementing better actions and measures for preventing professional risks in the Food industry, focusing on small and medium enterprises (SME), in order to improve the occupational safety and health.

Specific objectives

  • To help the Food industry companies to comply with the EU legislation (L. 319/2006) concerning the prevention of occupational risks;
  • Assuring the necessary means for employers and employees in order to adopt plans and policies for preventing occupational risks that will reduce the number of accidents at work in the Food industry and promote a prevention culture at work through trainings and better information.


Outcome and achievements

  • The application by employers of the rights and obligations of the current legislation regarding health and safety at work;
  • Providing trainings for around 160 entrepreneurs, freelancers and managers at all levels through seminars and workshops. The subjects discussed were: work management, improving safety and health at work, adapting new work procedures in order to minimize occupational risks etc.;
  • Developing new safety and health abilities for more than 450 workers in the Food sector, who will now act with higher caution during work, thus reducing the risk of accidents;
  • Conceiving manuals for the use of 1.200 employers and employees with occupational safety and health responsibilities to develop their managing and organizing skills;
  • Internet site with information related to occupational safety and health issues in the Food sector;
  • Awareness campaign regarding the necessity of implementing new safety regulations at work in the Food sector for social partners representatives, occupational safety and health institutions, public and private associations and organizations (50 persons) including two national conferences and one international conference;

Support materials: Sectorial manuals, training courses, risk map, posters, newsletters, seminars.

Costs: Total costs of the project 4.856.415 EUR