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Food Chain Contract: Promoting social dialogue & quality of employment in France

The food chain contract was signed in June 2013 between several branches of the food chain, trade unions and the state (ministry and regions). There is an employment section in this sector contract.


  • Consolidate and create jobs, especially among young people
  • Secure career paths- Improving the attractiveness of the sector and jobs in food industry.
  • Strengthening social dialogue in the territories, branches and businesses.

On the basis of this contract, several actions or agreement have been adopted:

  • Signing of an agreement on multisector contracts of generation with the creation of 3000 jobs and developing of apprenticeship among young people.
  • Action Plan on the quality of work life, but is not yet defined.
  • Increase the number of training courses on mastering basic skills. This is part of the securing career paths process.

However, it is too early to make an assessment. Failing to know if this is good practice, it is at least good intentions and willingness to move forward on these issues.