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Active involvement of employees in innovation activities at Easyfood in Denmark

The Danish convenience food producer Easyfood is a small and medium sized company (SME) founded in 2000. According to the company a high level of innovation and uniqueness in its product range is highly important to Easyfood. The company recruits workers from other food industries. Since their work organization is very different from other companies, there is a need for specific training.

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Upskilling and increasing the competence of production workers at Bisca in Denmark

The Danish company Bisca is a manufacturer for biscuits and cakes with around 460 employees. Bisca is located in an area offering only few alternative jobs. The company’s workforce includes many low skilled and unskilled workers.

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Training and upskilling programme at Arla Foods in Denmark

Arla Foods (Dairy company, number of employees: 19,600) has started an extensive skills development and upskilling programme in 2009. The initiative goes back to the social partners in the Danish dairy industry, who has agreed to upgrade the skills all employees in the dairy industry within the next years.

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